Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tres de Diciembre Restauante -Celebration TONIGHT!!

Don't miss out on this wonderful event!

Fabulous pizza and pies and lots of wonderful dishes as well as traditional dancing and lots of entertainment.

Here is a video I took back in 20012  3 de Diciembre 20th Aniversario -Part 1  3 de Diciembre 20th Anniversary- Part 2  3 de Diciembre 20th Anniversary -Part 3  3 de Diciembre 20th Anniversary- Part 4  3 de Diciembre 20th Anniversary -Part 5 

Oyster Diving in Oaxaca- Agua Blanca

Here is a WONDERFUL video that shows the beauty of living by the sea and fishing in a traditional manner. See the fantastic feast they enjoy.

I have really been missing Zipolite and all my family and friends. Seeing this video made me cry, and brought so much happiness to me. Gracias.
 Check out my post from two years ago when my friends were shucking oysters

Vídeo,Free Diving for Lobster: MUNCHIES Guide to Oaxaca (Part 5) 
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Flash Mob in Mexico City

Missing Mexico so much right now. I am in tears watching this video this morning. I just watched it again. I shared in my Facebook and thought I should definitely share it here.